Mobility &Stretching


  • Chiropractic

    Restore function to the neuro-musculo-skeletal system

  • A.R.T.

    Active Release Techniques© is a soft tissue manipulative technique

  • Sports Movement

    Improve performance, work capacity & reduce likelihood of injury

Dr. Ashley MacInnes is open for regular business, and is open to all patients who desire and feel safe to come in. Please be advised of the following steps we are making to maximize everyone’s safety and risk.


  • 1. The gym we operate in (FA CrossFit) is currently closed, so there will be near zero or zero contact with anyone, and social distance can easily be maintained.
  • 2. All areas of the treatment area, including furniture, POS machines, tables, equipment, door handles, and anything else used in the area is completely sanitized with a bleach or disinfectant solution between each patient.
  • 3. There will be an extra 10-minute gap given between patients to eliminate contact.
  • 4. Each patient, each visit is screened carefully and risk exposure assessment is determined immediately.
  • 5. I use an N95 mask to protect myself and patients, and new gloves for each patient.
  • 6. Before entering the treatment room, ALL people must wash their hands.
  • 7. All patients must wear a mask. If you do not have one, one can be purchased for $2.

If you require an appointment, please proceed to book available online spots.

Stay Healthy,

Dr. Ashley MacInnes

What is Health Sciences Lab?

In this age of modern sports sciences and multi-disciplinary healthcare, the best professional athletes and sports teams have access to a full spectrum of health care and training methodologies at their fingertips.

At Health Sciences Lab, Dr. MacInnes not only effectively blends the expertise of various health modalities (for example, various types of chiropractic adjustments and techniques, and Active release techniques©) to effectively deal with issues from the microscopic level of tissue damage, to the macroscopic level of general movement patterns and nervous system hard-wiring.

Your visit is not just an in-and out affair. There is the potential that you can receive full spectrum care, from treatment, rehabilitation, and return to activity specific work to improve your movement,daily work or capacity level, or athletic performance though coaching, training, mobility work and strengthening and movement programming.

At Health Sciences Lab we always ask “why?” and perform movements, therapy, prescribe, strengthen, and coach with purpose and intent. We strive to provide comprehensive, research-based and on-field tested methodologies to provide the most advanced and effective results possible. We believe in our methodologies, and so should you.